ABRUPTUM - Maledictum
ABRUPTUM "Maledictum" [10" MLP]2008 - Black, Dark Ambient/Noise from Sweden

ACID DRINKERS - Verses Of Steel
ACID DRINKERS "Verses Of Steel" [CD, Digipak]2008 - Thrash/Crossover from Poland

ACID WITCH - Witchtanic Hellucinations
ACID WITCH "Witchtanic Hellucinations" [12" LP, Gatefold +Poster +Decoration]2008 - Death/Doom from United States
Price $24.99

ANVIL - Pound For Pound
ANVIL "Pound For Pound" [CD]2008 - Heavy/Power from Canada

ANVIL - This Is Thirteen
ANVIL "This Is Thirteen" [CD]2008 - Heavy/Power from Canada

ARCHENEMY - Violent Harm
ARCHENEMY "Violent Harm" [12" LP]2008 - Death/Thrash from United States

ASILENT - The Unconsecrated
ASILENT "The Unconsecrated" [CD]2008 - Brutal Death Metal from Singapore

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY "Still Alive" [2-CD +DVD]2008 - Rock from United Kingdom

BEHEMOTH - At The Arena Ov Aion: Live Apostasy
BEHEMOTH "At The Arena Ov Aion: Live Apostasy" [CD, Digipak]2008 - Black (early)/Black/Death (now) from Poland

BEHEMOTH - Ezkaton
BEHEMOTH "Ezkaton" [MCD, Digipak]2008 - Black (early)/Black/Death (now) from Poland

BELPHEGOR - Bondage Goat Zombie
BELPHEGOR "Bondage Goat Zombie" [CD]2008 - Death/Black Metal from Austria

BENEDICTION - Killing Music
BENEDICTION "Killing Music" [CD]2008 - Death Metal from United Kingdom

BESTIAL MOCKERY / KARNARIUM "Hail Occult Masters" [7" EP]2008 - Black/Thrash from Sweden | Death Metal from Sweden

BILL QUICK - Maravillosa Gente
BILL QUICK "Maravillosa Gente" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]2008 - Rock from United States

BLACK FLAME - Imperivm
BLACK FLAME "Imperivm" [CD]2008 - Black Metal from Italy

BLASPHEMER - On The Inexistence Of God
BLASPHEMER "On The Inexistence Of God" [CD]2008 - Brutal Death Metal from Italy

BOMBS OF HADES - Carnivores
BOMBS OF HADES "Carnivores" [7" EP]2008 - Death Metal from Sweden

BRAINSTORM - Downburst
BRAINSTORM "Downburst" [CD]2008 - Power from Germany

CATARACT - Cataract
CATARACT "Cataract" [CD]2008 - Hardcore/Thrash/Death Metal from Switzerland

COTARD DELUSION - Le Delire De Negation
COTARD DELUSION "Le Delire De Negation" [CD]2008 - Black Metal from Russia

DARK ANGEL - Time Does Not Heal
DARK ANGEL "Time Does Not Heal" [CD]2008 - Thrash from United States

DESTRUCTION "D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N." [CD]2008 - Thrash from Germany

DIE ZOMBIEJAGER - Motion Picture
DIE ZOMBIEJAGER "Motion Picture" [DVD]2008 -

DIMMU BORGIR - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
DIMMU BORGIR "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" [CD]2008 - Melodic Black/Symphonic Extreme from Norway

DIO - Magica (Hand Numbered #272 Of 500 Copies)
DIO "Magica (Hand Numbered #272 Of 500 Copies)" [12" LP, Black Vinyl, Gatefold]2008 - Heavy Metal from United States

EMTIDI "Saat" [CD]2008 - Rock from Germany

ENEMY IS US - Venomized
ENEMY IS US "Venomized" [CD]2008 - Death/Thrash from Sweden

EPICUREAN - A Consequence Of Design
EPICUREAN "A Consequence Of Design" [CD]2008 - Symphonic Progressive/Melodic Death Metal from United States

EREB ALTOR - By Honour
EREB ALTOR "By Honour" [12" LP, Clear Vinyl]2008 - Epic Doom/Viking/Black Metal from Sweden

EXODUS - Let There Be Blood
EXODUS "Let There Be Blood" [CD]2008 - Thrash from United States

FALCONER - Among Beggars And Thieves
FALCONER "Among Beggars And Thieves" [CD]2008 - Folk/Power from Sweden

FATE - Vultures
FATE "Vultures" [CD]2008 - Heavy/Speed from Italy

HERMH - Cold Blood Messiah
HERMH "Cold Blood Messiah" [CD +DVD, Digipak]2008 - Black/Gothic/Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal from Poland

HORNA - Sanojesi Aarelle
HORNA "Sanojesi Aarelle" [2-CD]2008 - Black Metal from Finland

HYPOCRISY - Catch 22
HYPOCRISY "Catch 22" [CD]2008 - Death, Melodic Death Metal from Sweden

ICED EARTH - Days Of Purgatory
ICED EARTH "Days Of Purgatory" [2-CD]2008 - Power/Thrash from United States

IN FLAMES - Whoracle
IN FLAMES "Whoracle" [CD]2008 - Melodic Death (early), Modern (later) from Sweden

LEVIATHAN - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
LEVIATHAN "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" [12" 2-LP, Red/White Splatter Vinyl]2008 - Black Metal from United States

MACHINERY - The Passing
MACHINERY "The Passing" [CD]2008 - Thrash/Groove from Sweden

MAEGASHIRA / SOWBELLY / OSSM "Split" [CD]2008 - Sludge/Stoner/Doom from United States | Sludge/Doom from United States

MOONSPELL - Wolfheart
MOONSPELL "Wolfheart" [2-CD]2008 - Folk Black (early), Gothic (Middle Carreer), Gothic/Black (now) from Portugal

MORBOSIDAD - Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno
MORBOSIDAD "Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno" [CD]2008 - Black/Death Metal from United States

MUSTASCH - Lowlife Highlights
MUSTASCH "Lowlife Highlights" [CD, Digipak]2008 - Heavy/Stoner from Sweden

NAZARETH - Hair Of The Dog Live
NAZARETH "Hair Of The Dog Live" [CD]2008 - Rock from Scotland

NAZARETH - Hair Of The Dog Live
NAZARETH "Hair Of The Dog Live" [DVD]2008 - Rock from Scotland

NEAERA - Armamentarium
NEAERA "Armamentarium" [CD]2008 - Melodic Death Metal from Germany

NECRONAUT - Necronaut
NECRONAUT "Necronaut" [CD]2008 - Death Metal from Sweden

OBTEST - Gyvybes Medis
OBTEST "Gyvybes Medis" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]2008 - Pagan/Black Metal from Lithuania

OPETH - My Arms, Your Hearse
OPETH "My Arms, Your Hearse" [CD]2008 - Extreme Progressive from Sweden

OPETH - Watershed
OPETH "Watershed" [CD]2008 - Extreme Progressive from Sweden

OPHIOLATRY - Transmutation
OPHIOLATRY "Transmutation" [CD]2008 - Brutal Death Metal from Brazil

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - Live At The Filmore, 6Th Feb. 1967
QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE "Live At The Filmore, 6Th Feb. 1967" [CD]2008 - Psychedelic Rock from United States

REGURGITATE - The Torture Sessions
REGURGITATE "The Torture Sessions" [CASSETTE]2008 - Death Metal from Sweden

ROCK CITY ANGELS - Use Once And Destroy
ROCK CITY ANGELS "Use Once And Destroy" [CD]2008 - Hard Rock from United States

RUE - Thorns
RUE "Thorns" [CD]2008 - Stoner/Sludge from United States

SEVEN THAT SPELLS "Black Om Rising" [12" LP]2008 - Psychedelic Rock from Croatia
Price $15.99

SIX FEET UNDER - Death Rituals
SIX FEET UNDER "Death Rituals" [CD]2008 - Death/Groove, Death'n'roll from United States

SPLATTERED MERMAIDS "Stench Of Flesh" [CD]2008 - Brutal Death Metal from Sweden

TERRORAMA - Genocide
TERRORAMA "Genocide" [CASSETTE]2008 - Thrash/Black Metal from Sweden

THE LAST FELONY - Aeon Of Suffering
THE LAST FELONY "Aeon Of Suffering" [CD]2008 - Technical Death/Metalcore from Canada

TIME HAS COME - White Fuzz
TIME HAS COME "White Fuzz" [CD]2008 - Deathcore from Germany

UFO - Strangers In The Night
UFO "Strangers In The Night" [CD]2008 - Rock from United Kingdom

UNCERTAIN FUTURE "Shock The System" [CD]2008 - Progressive Power from United States

UNEARTH - Alive From The Apocalypse
UNEARTH "Alive From The Apocalypse" [DVD]2008 - Metalcore from United States

UNLEASHED - Hammer Battalion
UNLEASHED "Hammer Battalion" [CD]2008 - Death Metal from Sweden

VIETAH - Zorny Maroz
VIETAH "Zorny Maroz" [12" LP, Grey Vinyl]2008 - Atmospheric Black Metal from Belarus

WINDS OF MALICE - Snakes Shall Breed Under The Ruins
WINDS OF MALICE "Snakes Shall Breed Under The Ruins" [MCD]2008 - Black Metal from United States