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POUNDER - Breaking the World TEMPLE OF VOID - The World That Was

ABYSMAL GRIEF - Mors Eleison
ABYSMAL GRIEF "Mors Eleison" [MCD, Digipak]2006 - Gothic/Doom from Italy

ANATOMI 71 - Mot Nya Hojder
ANATOMI 71 "Mot Nya Hojder" [12" LP, Gatefold]2006 - Hardcore/Punk from Sweden

ARCHGOAT - Whore Of Bethlehem
ARCHGOAT "Whore Of Bethlehem" [12" LP +Poster, Purple Splatter Vinyl, Gatefold]2006 - Death/Black Metal from Finland

AZHUBHAM HAANI - On A Snowy Winter Night
AZHUBHAM HAANI "On A Snowy Winter Night" [10" MLP]2006 - Black Metal from Sweden

BEASTCRAFT - Dawn Of The Serpent
BEASTCRAFT "Dawn Of The Serpent" [12" LP] ***CORNER DING2006 - Black Metal from Norway

BEDEMON - Child Of Darkness
BEDEMON "Child Of Darkness" [CD]2006 - Doom from United States

BLACK BEAST / BLOODHAMMER - Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union
BLACK BEAST / BLOODHAMMER "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union" [12" LP]2006 - Black Metal from Finland | Black Metal from Finland

BLACK BEAST / BLOODHAMMER - Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union
BLACK BEAST / BLOODHAMMER "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union" [CD]2006 - Black Metal from Finland | Black Metal from Finland

BLACK SABBATH - Black Sabbath Comp
BLACK SABBATH "Black Sabbath Comp" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]2006 - Heavy/Traditional, Doom from United Kingdom

CLOSER - Darkness In Me
CLOSER "Darkness In Me" [CD]2006 - Melodic Death Metal from Sweden

CRONIAN "Terra" [CD]2006 - Progressive from Norway

DANAVA - Danava
DANAVA "Danava" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]2006 - Rock from United States

DARK FUNERAL - Attera Orvis Terrarum Pt Ii
DARK FUNERAL "Attera Orvis Terrarum Pt Ii" [2-DVD]2006 - Black Metal from Sweden

DEATH BREATH - Stinking Up The Night
DEATH BREATH "Stinking Up The Night" [CD]2006 - Death Metal from Sweden

DEATH SS - The 7Th Seal
DEATH SS "The 7Th Seal" [CD]2006 - Black Doom/Heavy/Speed (early), Industrial (later) from Italy

DENIAL OF GOD - The Horrors Of Satan
DENIAL OF GOD "The Horrors Of Satan" [CASSETTE]2006 - Black Metal from Denmark

DOMINION - Threshold: A Retrospective
DOMINION "Threshold: A Retrospective" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Death Metal from United States

DZJENGHIS KHAN - Dzjenghis Khan
DZJENGHIS KHAN "Dzjenghis Khan" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Rock from United States

EDEN ROSE - On The Way To Eden
EDEN ROSE "On The Way To Eden" [CD]2006 - Jazz/Rock from France

ELIGOR - Ante Lucem
ELIGOR "Ante Lucem" [CD]2006 - Symphonic Black Metal from Italy

GOD DETHRONED - The Toxic Touch
GOD DETHRONED "The Toxic Touch" [12" LP]2006 - Blackened Death Metal from Netherlands
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HAIL OF RAGE "All Hail" [12" LP]2006 - Thrash/Grindcore/Hardcore from United States

HELLHOUND - Tokyo Flying V Massacre
HELLHOUND "Tokyo Flying V Massacre" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]2006 - Power/Speed/Thrash from Japan

HEY COLOSSUS - Project: Death
HEY COLOSSUS "Project: Death" [CD]2006 - Drone/Sludge from United Kingdom

HOLY TERROR - El Revengo
HOLY TERROR "El Revengo" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]2006 - Thrash/Speed from United States

IMPURITY - Necro Infamist Of Tumulus Return
IMPURITY "Necro Infamist Of Tumulus Return" [12" LP]2006 - Black Metal from Brazil

KAMPF - Nothing But Wrath (Promo)
KAMPF "Nothing But Wrath (Promo)" [CD]2006 - Black Metal from Greece

LAS ANTORCHAS  - Las Antorchas
LAS ANTORCHAS  "Las Antorchas" [CD, Digi-Sleeve]2006 - Rock from Mexico

LUTOMYSL - Catharsis
LUTOMYSL "Catharsis" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Black Metal from Ukraine

MAGNOLIA - Magnolia
MAGNOLIA "Magnolia" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Hard Rock from Sweden

MANEGARM - Urminnes Havd: The Forest Sessions
MANEGARM "Urminnes Havd: The Forest Sessions" [12" LP, Gatefold]2006 - Viking from Sweden

MARDUK - Blood Puke Salvation
MARDUK "Blood Puke Salvation" [2-DVD]2006 - Black Metal from Sweden

MURDER ISLAND - Motion Picture
MURDER ISLAND "Motion Picture" [DVD]2006 -

QUARTZ - Quartz
QUARTZ "Quartz" [CD]2006 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom

REENCARNACION - Mas Hombres Menos Estatuas
REENCARNACION "Mas Hombres Menos Estatuas" [CD]2006 - Black/Death Metal from Colombia

RETSEPTI - Anthology Of Georgian Underground, Tbilisi 1987-92
RETSEPTI "Anthology Of Georgian Underground, Tbilisi 1987-92" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Punk/Deathrock/Goth from Russia

SHOOTING GUNS - Flavour Country
SHOOTING GUNS "Flavour Country" [12" LP]2006 - Doom/Psychedelic from Canada

SILVER SERAPH - Silver Seraph
SILVER SERAPH "Silver Seraph" [CD]2006 - Heavy/Hard Rock from Sweden

SPACE ODYSSEY - Tears Of The Sun
SPACE ODYSSEY "Tears Of The Sun" [CD]2006 - Neoclassical Progressive/Power from Sweden

THANATOS - Angelic Encounters
THANATOS "Angelic Encounters" [CD, Slipcase]2006 - Death/Thrash from Netherlands

THANATOS - Realm Of Ecstasy
THANATOS "Realm Of Ecstasy" [CD, Slipcase]2006 - Death/Thrash from Netherlands

THE ACCUSED - Baked Tapes
THE ACCUSED "Baked Tapes" [12" LP]2006 - Thrash/Crossover from United States

THE ACCUSED - Oh Martha!
THE ACCUSED "Oh Martha!" [12" LP]2006 - Thrash/Crossover from United States

THE ACCUSED - The Archives Tapes 1981-1986
THE ACCUSED "The Archives Tapes 1981-1986" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]2006 - Thrash/Crossover from United States

THE LURKING CORPSES "Lust For Blood" [CD]2006 - Horror Metal Punk from United States

TIME REQUIEM - Optical Illusion
TIME REQUIEM "Optical Illusion" [CD]2006 - Neoclassical Power from Sweden

TMK - Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)
TMK "Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)" [CD]2006 - Death Metal from Germany

TRINAKRIUS - Sancta Inquisitio
TRINAKRIUS "Sancta Inquisitio" [CD]2006 - Heavy Doom from Italy

UNCHRIST - ...On Leather Wings
UNCHRIST "...On Leather Wings" [CD]2006 - Black Metal from United States

WANDERER - Bypassing The Abyss
WANDERER "Bypassing The Abyss" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Black Metal from Finland