HOUR OF 13 - Black Magick Rites POUNDER - Breaking the World

2 MINUTA DREKA - Let's Start A Porn In The Name Of Gore
2 MINUTA DREKA "Let's Start A Porn In The Name Of Gore" [CD]2006 - Porno Gore Grind from Slovenia

ANATOMI 71 - Mot Nya Hojder
ANATOMI 71 "Mot Nya Hojder" [12" LP, Gatefold]2006 - Hardcore/Punk from Sweden

ANCIENT RITES "Rubicon" [12" LP]2006 - Folk/Viking, Black Metal from Belgium
Price $17.99 - $19.99

ARCHGOAT - Whore Of Bethlehem
ARCHGOAT "Whore Of Bethlehem" [12" LP +Poster, Purple Splatter Vinyl, Gatefold]2006 - Death/Black Metal from Finland

CELLADOR - Enter Deception
CELLADOR "Enter Deception" [CD]2006 - Power from United States

DARK FUNERAL - Attera Orvis Terrarum Pt Ii
DARK FUNERAL "Attera Orvis Terrarum Pt Ii" [2-DVD]2006 - Black Metal from Sweden

DEATH BREATH - Stinking Up The Night
DEATH BREATH "Stinking Up The Night" [12" LP, Black Vinyl, Gatefold] *MINOR DAMAGE*2006 - Death Metal from Sweden

DEATH BREATH - Stinking Up The Night
DEATH BREATH "Stinking Up The Night" [CD]2006 - Death Metal from Sweden

DZJENGHIS KHAN - Dzjenghis Khan
DZJENGHIS KHAN "Dzjenghis Khan" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Rock from United States

ECLECTIC SPAWN "Noosferic" [CD]2006 - Death/Progressive from Mexico

EDEN ROSE - On The Way To Eden
EDEN ROSE "On The Way To Eden" [CD]2006 - Jazz/Rock from France

ELIGOR - Ante Lucem
ELIGOR "Ante Lucem" [CD]2006 - Symphonic Black Metal from Italy

GOD DETHRONED - The Toxic Touch
GOD DETHRONED "The Toxic Touch" [12" LP]2006 - Blackened Death Metal from Netherlands
Price $24.99

HELLOWEEN - Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. 1
HELLOWEEN "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. 1" [CD]2006 - Speed, Power from Germany

HEY COLOSSUS - Project: Death
HEY COLOSSUS "Project: Death" [CD]2006 - Drone/Sludge from United Kingdom

IF HOPE DIES - Life In Ruin
IF HOPE DIES "Life In Ruin" [CD]2006 - Groove/Hardcore from United States

INNER HATE - Synthetic Umbilical Supremacy
INNER HATE "Synthetic Umbilical Supremacy" [CD]2006 - Death/Grindcore from Colombia

KIDD BLUE - Big Trouble Expanded
KIDD BLUE "Big Trouble Expanded" [CD]2006 - Hard Rock from United States

LAS ANTORCHAS  - Las Antorchas
LAS ANTORCHAS  "Las Antorchas" [CD, Digi-Sleeve]2006 - Rock from Mexico

LYCANTHROPY / MENGELE / MORPHOSIS "Thrashing Relics Vol. 1" [CD]2006 - Black/Death Metal from Russia | Thrash from Finland

MURDER ISLAND - Motion Picture
MURDER ISLAND "Motion Picture" [DVD]2006 -

PULMONARY FIBROSIS "Organ Maggots" [CD]2006 - Goregrind/Noisegrind/Brutal Death/Grindcore from France

QUARTZ - Quartz
QUARTZ "Quartz" [CD]2006 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom

SARKOM - Aggravation Of Mind
SARKOM "Aggravation Of Mind" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]2006 - Black Metal from Norway

SPACE ODYSSEY - Tears Of The Sun
SPACE ODYSSEY "Tears Of The Sun" [CD]2006 - Neoclassical Progressive/Power from Sweden

THANATOS - Angelic Encounters
THANATOS "Angelic Encounters" [CD, Slipcase]2006 - Death/Thrash from Netherlands

THE RED CHORD - Clients Deluxe Edition
THE RED CHORD "Clients Deluxe Edition" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Technical Death/Grindcore/Metalcore/Deathcore from United States

TIME REQUIEM - Optical Illusion
TIME REQUIEM "Optical Illusion" [CD]2006 - Neoclassical Power from Sweden

TMK - Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)
TMK "Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)" [CD]2006 - Death Metal from Germany

UNEARTH - In The Eyes Of Fire
UNEARTH "In The Eyes Of Fire" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Metalcore from United States

VADER - Impressions In Blood
VADER "Impressions In Blood" [CD]2006 - Death/Thrash from Poland

WOODTEMPLE - Voices Of Pagan Mountains
WOODTEMPLE "Voices Of Pagan Mountains" [CD]2006 - Pagan Black Metal from Austria