SPEEDCLAW - Iron Speed ATTALLA - Glacial Rule

ANTHENORA - Soulgrinder
ANTHENORA "Soulgrinder" [CD]2006 - Heavy/Power from Italy

BAPHOMET'S BLOOD - Satanic Metal Attack
BAPHOMET'S BLOOD "Satanic Metal Attack" [12" LP]2006 - Speed/Thrash from Italy

BLACK TASK / INCRIMINATED - Warriors Of Fire And Hell
BLACK TASK / INCRIMINATED "Warriors Of Fire And Hell" [7" EP]2006 - Thrash/Power from United States | Black/Thrash from Finland

CHALICE - Calm That Was The Storm
CHALICE "Calm That Was The Storm" [MCD]2006 - Heavy Metal from United States

CLOSER - Darkness In Me
CLOSER "Darkness In Me" [CD]2006 - Melodic Death Metal from Sweden

CLOVEN HOOF - Eye Of The Sun
CLOVEN HOOF "Eye Of The Sun" [12" LP]2006 - NWOBHM (early), Heavy/Power (later) from United Kingdom
Price $16.99

CLOVEN HOOF - Eye Of The Sun
CLOVEN HOOF "Eye Of The Sun" [CD]2006 - NWOBHM (early), Heavy/Power (later) from United Kingdom

COLLISION - Roadkiller
COLLISION "Roadkiller" [CD]2006 - Thrash from Poland

CRADLE OF FILTH - Thornography
CRADLE OF FILTH "Thornography" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold] *MINOR DAMAGE*2006 - Black/Gothic (early), Extreme Gothic (now) from United Kingdom

CREAMFACE - Amateur Years 1999-2000
CREAMFACE "Amateur Years 1999-2000" [CD]2006 - Grindcore from Finland

CREAMFACE - Pay No More Than 10E
CREAMFACE "Pay No More Than 10E" [CD]2006 - Grindcore from Finland

DARK AGES - A Chronicle Of The Plague
DARK AGES "A Chronicle Of The Plague" [12" LP]2006 - Dark/Ambient from Ukraine

DEAD CONSPIRACY - Gore Drenched Legacy
DEAD CONSPIRACY "Gore Drenched Legacy" [CD]2006 - Death/Thrash from United States

DENIAL OF GOD - The Horrors Of Satan
DENIAL OF GOD "The Horrors Of Satan" [CD]2006 - Black Metal from Denmark

DESTINITY - 666 Thrashened Extreme Music (1996-2006)
DESTINITY "666 Thrashened Extreme Music (1996-2006)" [DVD]2006 - Symphonic Black/Death/Thrash from France

EDEN ROSE - On The Way To Eden
EDEN ROSE "On The Way To Eden" [CD]2006 - Jazz/Rock from France

FORCE OF DARKNESS - Force Of Darkness
FORCE OF DARKNESS "Force Of Darkness" [12" LP, Gatefold]2006 - Black/Thrash from Chile

GOROD - Leading Vision
GOROD "Leading Vision" [CD]2006 - Progressive/Technical Death Metal from France

HELLISH CROSSFIRE - Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram
HELLISH CROSSFIRE "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram" [12" LP]2006 - Speed/Thrash w/ Death And Black Influences from Germany
Price $18.99

HEY COLOSSUS - Project: Death
HEY COLOSSUS "Project: Death" [CD]2006 - Drone/Sludge from United Kingdom

HYSTERIA - Haunted By Words Of Gods
HYSTERIA "Haunted By Words Of Gods" [CD]2006 - Brutal Death Metal from France

INCANTATION - Primordial Decimation
INCANTATION "Primordial Decimation" [12" LP, Gatefold]2006 - Death Metal from United States
Price $15.99

INCANTATION - Primordial Domination [Test Pressing]
INCANTATION "Primordial Domination [Test Pressing]" [12" LP, Gatefold]2006 - Death Metal from United States

JUMPER LACE - The Last Jump
JUMPER LACE "The Last Jump" [CD]2006 - Heavy/Melodic/Speed from France

KRIEG - Blue Miasma
KRIEG "Blue Miasma" [CASSETTE]2006 - Black Metal from United States

LA IRA DE DIOS - Empirea
LA IRA DE DIOS "Empirea" [CD]2006 - Rock from Peru

LEAFBLADE - To The Moonlight
LEAFBLADE "To The Moonlight" [MCD]2006 - Folk/Rock from United Kingdom

LYCANTHROPY / MENGELE / MORPHOSIS "Thrashing Relics Vol. 1" [CD]2006 - Black/Death Metal from Russia | Thrash from Finland

MAGNOLIA - Magnolia
MAGNOLIA "Magnolia" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Hard Rock from Sweden

MANES - View
MANES "View" [MCD, Digipak]2006 - Black Metal from Norway

NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE - Resurrection Of The Wicked
NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE "Resurrection Of The Wicked" [CD]2006 - Thrash from Finland

PARADISE LOST "Evolve" [DVD]2006 - Doom/Death (old), Gothic Rock/Metal (new) from United Kingdom

PROFANATICA - The Enemy Of Virtue
PROFANATICA "The Enemy Of Virtue" [2-CD, Digibook]2006 - Black Metal from United States

REENCARNACION - Mas Hombres Menos Estatuas
REENCARNACION "Mas Hombres Menos Estatuas" [CD]2006 - Black/Death Metal from Colombia

RENEGADE - The Narrow Way
RENEGADE "The Narrow Way" [CD]2006 - Heavy Metal from Australia

ROTTING CHRIST - Passage To Arcturo + Non Serviam
ROTTING CHRIST "Passage To Arcturo + Non Serviam" [2-CD]2006 - Grind (First Demos), Black (early), Black/Gothic (now) from Greece

SAMAEL - Reign Of Light
SAMAEL "Reign Of Light" [CD +DVD, Digipak]2006 - Black (old), Electronic/Industrial (new) from Switzerland

SARKOM - Aggravation Of Mind
SARKOM "Aggravation Of Mind" [CD]2006 - Black Metal from Norway

SCALD - Vermiculatus
SCALD "Vermiculatus" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Epic Doom from Russia

SHADOWS LAND - Terminus Ante Quem
SHADOWS LAND "Terminus Ante Quem" [CD]2006 - Progressive Black/Death Metal from Poland

SPAWN OF POSSESSION "Noctambulant" [CD]2006 - Technical Death Metal from Sweden

STRIKEMASTER - Up For The Massacre: X Anniversary Edition
STRIKEMASTER "Up For The Massacre: X Anniversary Edition" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Thrash from Mexico

SUMMONING - Oath Bound
SUMMONING "Oath Bound" [CD]2006 - Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal from Austria

THE EYES - The Arrival Of The Eyes: The Complete Recordings
THE EYES "The Arrival Of The Eyes: The Complete Recordings" [CD]2006 - Psychedelic Rock from United States

THE LEGION - Revocation
THE LEGION "Revocation" [CD, Slipcase]2006 - Black Metal from Sweden

THE LURKING CORPSES "Lust For Blood" [CD]2006 - Horror Metal Punk from United States

THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE - Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)
THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE "Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)" [CD]2006 - Black/Industrial/Avant-Garde from Italy

THY FLESH CONSUMED - Pacified By Oceans Of Blood
THY FLESH CONSUMED "Pacified By Oceans Of Blood" [CD]2006 - Death Metal from Canada

TMK - Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)
TMK "Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)" [CD]2006 - Death Metal from Germany

VILLEBRAD - Alla Ar Har Utom Jag
VILLEBRAD "Alla Ar Har Utom Jag" [CD]2006 - Progressive from Sweden

WANDERER - Bypassing The Abyss
WANDERER "Bypassing The Abyss" [CD, Digipak]2006 - Black Metal from Finland

WITCHTRAP - No Anesthesia [Test Pressing]
WITCHTRAP "No Anesthesia [Test Pressing]" [12" LP]2006 - Black/Thrash from Colombia