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EXCUSE - Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos BEWITCHER - Under The Witching Cross

AC/DC - Back In Black
AC/DC "Back In Black" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]2003 - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal from Australia

ANGMAR - The Razorblade Redemption
ANGMAR "The Razorblade Redemption" [CD]2003 - Black Metal from France

BEWITCHED - Atrocities In A Minor
BEWITCHED "Atrocities In A Minor" [MCD]2003 - Black/Thrash/Power from Sweden

BRANT BJORK - Keep Your Cool
BRANT BJORK "Keep Your Cool" [12" LP]2003 - Rock from United States

DARKTHRONE "Hate Them" [CD]2003 - Death (early), Black (mid), Punk/Black/Heavy (later) from Norway

DESTRUCTOR - Sonic Bullet
DESTRUCTOR "Sonic Bullet" [12" LP]2003 - Power/Thrash from United States

DESTRUCTOR - Sonic Bullet
DESTRUCTOR "Sonic Bullet" [CD]2003 - Power/Thrash from United States

DEVILS WHOREHOUSE - Revelation Unorthodox
DEVILS WHOREHOUSE "Revelation Unorthodox" [12" Picture LP]2003 - Horror Punk/Heavy Metal from Sweden

DIMMU BORGIR - Stormblast (Cacophonous Records)
DIMMU BORGIR "Stormblast (Cacophonous Records)" [CD]2003 - Melodic Black/Symphonic Extreme from Norway

ELLIPSIS - Comastory
ELLIPSIS "Comastory" [CD]2003 - Progressive from France

GOD DETHRONED - Into The Lungs Of Hell
GOD DETHRONED "Into The Lungs Of Hell" [12" LP]2003 - Blackened Death Metal from Netherlands
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HARVEY MILK - The Singles
HARVEY MILK "The Singles" [CD]2003 - Rock/Experimental from United States

HERETIC - Devilworshipper
HERETIC "Devilworshipper" [CD]2003 - Black Metal from Netherlands

HIMINBJORG "Golden Age" [CD, Digipak]2003 - Black Viking from France

MORBID ANGEL "Heretic" [12" LP]2003 - Death Metal from United States

NAER MATARON - River At Dash Scalding
NAER MATARON "River At Dash Scalding" [CD]2003 - Black Metal from Greece

NAPALM DEATH - Punishment In Capitals
NAPALM DEATH "Punishment In Capitals" [CD, Digipak]2003 - Grind/Death, Hardcore Punk (early Demos) from United Kingdom

PARADISE LOST - Lost Paradise
PARADISE LOST "Lost Paradise" [CD]2003 - Doom/Death (old), Gothic Rock/Metal (new) from United Kingdom

PHARAOH - After The Fire
PHARAOH "After The Fire" [12" LP]2003 - Power from United States

SPACE ODYSSEY - Embrace The Galaxy
SPACE ODYSSEY "Embrace The Galaxy" [CD]2003 - Neoclassical Progressive/Power from Sweden

TERROR 2000 - Slaughter In Japan Live 2003
TERROR 2000 "Slaughter In Japan Live 2003" [CD]2003 - Thrash/Melodic Death Metal from Sweden

TURNING LEAF "Finally" [CD]2003 - Hard Rock from Sweden

VIKING SKULL - Chapter One
VIKING SKULL "Chapter One" [CD]2003 - Heavy Metal from United Kingdom

VOMITORY - Blood Rapture
VOMITORY "Blood Rapture" [CASSETTE]2003 - Death Metal from Sweden