EXCITER - 3 Classic Titles EXCUSE - Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos

ADMORTEM - Living Through Blood
ADMORTEM "Living Through Blood" [CD]2001 - Death Metal from France

AGNOSTIC FRONT "Dead Yuppies" [12" LP, Gatefold]2001 - Hard Core from United States

ALTAR OF PERVERSION "From Dead Temples" [12" LP +7" EP, Gatefold]2001 - Raw Black Metal from Italy

ARISE - The Godly Work Of Art
ARISE "The Godly Work Of Art" [CD, Digipak]2001 - Death/Thrash from Sweden

BELZABET - Before Night Fall
BELZABET "Before Night Fall" [CD]2001 - Epic Black Metal from Mexico

C.O.B. - Spirit Of Love
C.O.B. "Spirit Of Love" [CD]2001 - Rock from United Kingdom

CHALICE - An Illusion To The Temporary Real
CHALICE "An Illusion To The Temporary Real" [CD]2001 - Heavy Metal from United States

CHRYSALIS - Between Strength And Frailty
CHRYSALIS "Between Strength And Frailty" [CD]2001 - Progressive Melodic Death Metal from France

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "Live Volume" [CD]2001 - Crossover/Sludge/Southern from United States

DECAYED - Nockthurnaal
DECAYED "Nockthurnaal" [CD]2001 - Black Metal from Portugal

EXUMER - Rising From The Sea
EXUMER "Rising From The Sea" [12" LP]2001 - Speed/Thrash from Germany
Price $17.99 - $21.99

FIVE FIFTEEN - Death Of A Clown
FIVE FIFTEEN "Death Of A Clown" [CD]2001 - Progressive from Sweden

FIVE FIFTEEN - Stone Cold Heartbreaker
FIVE FIFTEEN "Stone Cold Heartbreaker" [CD, Digipak]2001 - Progressive from Sweden

FLIED EGG - Good Bye
FLIED EGG "Good Bye" [CD]2001 - Progressive Psych Rock from Japan

FUNERIS NOCTURNUM - From The Aspect Of Darkly Illuminated
FUNERIS NOCTURNUM "From The Aspect Of Darkly Illuminated" [CD]2001 - Melodic Black Metal from Finland

FUNERIS NOCTURNUM "Slay And Burn" [MCD]2001 - Melodic Black Metal from Finland

GENOCIDE - The Rites
GENOCIDE "The Rites" [CD]2001 - Heavy/Punk/Hardcore from United States

GODLESS NORTH - Summon The Age Of Supremacy
GODLESS NORTH "Summon The Age Of Supremacy" [12" LP]2001 - Black Metal from Canada

GORGUTS - From Wisdom To Hate
GORGUTS "From Wisdom To Hate" [12" LP, Gatefold]2001 - Technical/Avant-Garde Death Metal from Canada

HELLSPAWN - Lords Of Eternity
HELLSPAWN "Lords Of Eternity" [CD]2001 - Death Metal from Poland

HOBBIT - Rockin' The Shire
HOBBIT "Rockin' The Shire" [CD]2001 - Power/Progressive from United States

IMPALED NAZARENE - Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace
IMPALED NAZARENE "Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace" [12" LP, Gatefold]2001 - Black Metal from Finland
Price $17.99 - $18.99

ISACAARUM - Cunt Hackers
ISACAARUM "Cunt Hackers" [CD]2001 - Black/Death/Grindcore from Czech Republic

LOSS - Verdict Of Posterity
LOSS "Verdict Of Posterity" [CD]2001 - Death/Doom from United States

MANTICORA - Darkness With Tales To Tell
MANTICORA "Darkness With Tales To Tell" [CD]2001 - Progressive Power/Speed from Denmark

MARS ON EARTH - Mars On Earth
MARS ON EARTH "Mars On Earth" [MCD]2001 - Industrial Symphonic Black Metal from Germany

MASKIM - Ritual
MASKIM "Ritual" [MCD]2001 - Black Metal from United States

MORDETH - Animicide
MORDETH "Animicide" [CD] *MINOR DAMAGE*2001 - Progressive Death Metal from Brazil

MYSTIFIER - Profanus
MYSTIFIER "Profanus" [CD]2001 - Black Metal from Brazil

NECROPHAGIA - Cannibal Holocaust
NECROPHAGIA "Cannibal Holocaust" [PATCH, Textile]2001 - Speed/Thrash from United States

NIGHTSHADE - Wielding The Scythe
NIGHTSHADE "Wielding The Scythe" [CD]2001 - Power/Black Metal from Sweden

NOT FRAGILE - 21St Century Ballroom
NOT FRAGILE "21St Century Ballroom" [CD]2001 - Speed/Power from Germany

NUNSLAUGHTER - Live At Cbgb's, March 24, 2001
NUNSLAUGHTER "Live At Cbgb's, March 24, 2001" [DVD] *MINOR DAMAGE*2001 - Devil Metal Death Metal from United States

OBITUARY - Anthology
OBITUARY "Anthology" [CD]2001 - Death Metal from United States

ONDSKAPT - Slave Under His Immortal Will
ONDSKAPT "Slave Under His Immortal Will" [12" MLP]2001 - Black Metal from Sweden
Price $15.99

ONDSKAPT - Slave Under His Immortal Will
ONDSKAPT "Slave Under His Immortal Will" [MCD]2001 - Black Metal from Sweden

PAGANIZER - Promoting Total Death
PAGANIZER "Promoting Total Death" [CD]2001 - Death/Thrash from Sweden

PARRICIDE - Illtreat
PARRICIDE "Illtreat" [CD]2001 - Death/Grindcore from Poland

PAUL CHAIN - The Improvisor / Master Of All Times
PAUL CHAIN "The Improvisor / Master Of All Times" [CD, Digipak]2001 - Doom/Space/Psychedelic/Rock/Experimental from Italy

PENITENT - Songs Of Despair
PENITENT "Songs Of Despair" [CD]2001 - Black/Ambient from Norway

PSYCHOMANCER "Si-Ko-Man-Sur" [CD]2001 - Death/Thrash from United States

RAIN - Natural Order
RAIN "Natural Order" [CD]2001 - Heavy/Power from Italy

REBAELLIUN - Annihilation
REBAELLIUN "Annihilation" [12" LP]2001 - Death Metal from Brazil

RECLUSION - Shell Of Pain
RECLUSION "Shell Of Pain" [CD]2001 - Thrash from Sweden

SEPULTURA "Nation" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]2001 - Death/Thrash from Brazil

SILENTIUM "Si Vm E.T.A.V.V.M" [CD]2001 - Symphonic/Doom/Gothic from Finland

SOILWORK - A Predator's Portrait
SOILWORK "A Predator's Portrait" [CD]2001 - Melodic Death/Metalcore/Groove from Sweden

STRAWBS - Strawberry Sample Number 1
STRAWBS "Strawberry Sample Number 1" [CD]2001 - Rock from United Kingdom

TERRY & THE PIRATES - Comanche Boots
TERRY & THE PIRATES "Comanche Boots" [CD]2001 - Rock from United Kingdom

THE DEFACED - Domination Commence (Promo)
THE DEFACED "Domination Commence (Promo)" [CD]2001 - Groove/Thrash from Sweden

THE GATHERING - Downfall The Early Years
THE GATHERING "Downfall The Early Years" [2-CD]2001 - Death/Doom (early), Atmospheric Doom (Mid), Atmospheric Rock (later) from Netherlands

THE SCARR - Animalenemy
THE SCARR "Animalenemy" [CD, Digipak]2001 - Progressive from Norway

TRISTANIA - World Of Glass
TRISTANIA "World Of Glass" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]2001 - Symphonic/Gothic from Norway
Price $23.99

TYTAN - Rough Justice
TYTAN "Rough Justice" [CD]2001 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom

UNPURE - Trinity In Black
UNPURE "Trinity In Black" [CD]2001 - Black Metal from Sweden

VIRGIN STEELE - The Book Of Burning
VIRGIN STEELE "The Book Of Burning" [CD]2001 - Heavy/Hard Rock/Power from United States

WARMEN - Beyond Abilities
WARMEN "Beyond Abilities" [CD]2001 - Neoclassical/Power from Finland