CRUEL FORCE - Dawn of the Axe SAVAGE MASTER - Mask of the Devil

ANNIHILATUS - Annihilation
ANNIHILATUS "Annihilation" [CD, Digipak]2001 - Black Metal from Finland

ARGENTUM - Stigma Mortuorum
ARGENTUM "Stigma Mortuorum" [CD]2001 - Black/Doom from Brazil

BLACK N BLUE - Live In Detroit
BLACK N BLUE "Live In Detroit" [CD]2001 - Rock from United States

BLACK N BLUE - The Demos Remastered Anthology 1
BLACK N BLUE "The Demos Remastered Anthology 1" [CD]2001 - Rock from United States

BLACK WITCHERY - Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom
BLACK WITCHERY "Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom" [, Banner]2001 - Black Metal from United States

DEATH - Live In L.A.
DEATH "Live In L.A." [12" 2-LP, Silver/Black Merge/Splatter Vinyl]2001 - Death (early), Death/Progressive (later) from United States

DECAYED - Nocturnal
DECAYED "Nocturnal" [CD]2001 - Black Metal from Portugal

DISGORGE - Gorelics
DISGORGE "Gorelics" [CD]2001 - Brutal Death/Grind from Mexico

HATE FOREST - The Most Ancient Ones
HATE FOREST "The Most Ancient Ones" [CD, - Jewel Case]2001 - Raw Black w/ Ambient Elements from Ukraine

LOS PACIFICOS - Havana 1967
LOS PACIFICOS "Havana 1967" [CD]2001 - Rock from Cuba

MARS ON EARTH - Mars On Earth
MARS ON EARTH "Mars On Earth" [MCD]2001 - Industrial Symphonic Black Metal from Germany

MORGUE - Artgore
MORGUE "Artgore" [12" LP]2001 - Brutal Death/Grindcore from France
Price $19.99

MUTIILATION - Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)
MUTIILATION "Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)" (OSMOSE) [CD]2001 - Black Metal from France

MYSTIFIER - Profanus
MYSTIFIER "Profanus" [CD]2001 - Black Metal from Brazil

ONDSKAPT - Slave Under His Immortal Will
ONDSKAPT "Slave Under His Immortal Will" [MCD]2001 - Black Metal from Sweden

PAGANIZER - Promoting Total Death
PAGANIZER "Promoting Total Death" [CD]2001 - Death/Thrash from Sweden

SOFT MACHINE - Turns On Vol. 2
SOFT MACHINE "Turns On Vol. 2" [CD]2001 - Progressive Rock from United Kingdom

SURRENDER OF DIVINITY - Oriental Hell Rhythmics
SURRENDER OF DIVINITY "Oriental Hell Rhythmics" [CD, Digipak]2001 - Black Metal from Thailand

TENEBRE - Mark Ov The Beast
TENEBRE "Mark Ov The Beast" [CD]2001 - Gothic from Sweden

TIME REQUIEM - Time Requiem
TIME REQUIEM "Time Requiem" [CD]2001 - Neoclassical Power from Sweden

URGEHAL - Atomkinder
URGEHAL "Atomkinder" [12" LP]2001 - Black Metal from Norway

VIOLET VORTEX - Lure Elegant
VIOLET VORTEX "Lure Elegant" [CD]2001 - Doom from Greece

VOMITORY - Revelation Nausea
VOMITORY "Revelation Nausea" [CASSETTE]2001 - Death Metal from Sweden