TEMPLE OF VOID - Lords of Death HORRIFIED - Allure Of The Fallen

ABRAMIS BRAMA - Nar Tystnaden Lagt Sig
ABRAMIS BRAMA "Nar Tystnaden Lagt Sig" [CD]2000 - Stoner/Rock from Sweden

ANGEL DUST - Enlighten The Darkness
ANGEL DUST "Enlighten The Darkness" [12" LP, White Vinyl]2000 - Speed/Thrash (80's), Melodic Power (later) from Germany

ANTHROPOLATRI - Svyatoslav's Will
ANTHROPOLATRI "Svyatoslav's Will" [CD]2000 - Pagan Black Metal from Ukraine

ARSENIC - Lady Sniper
ARSENIC "Lady Sniper" [CD]2000 - Thrash/Death Metal from United States

BOOK OF HOURS - King Crimson & Vdgg According To The Book Of Hours
BOOK OF HOURS "King Crimson & Vdgg According To The Book Of Hours" [CD in Sleeve]2000 - Progressive from Sweden

CHALICE - Chronicles Of Dysphoria
CHALICE "Chronicles Of Dysphoria" [CD]2000 - Heavy Metal from United States

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Night Of The Unholy Flames
CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Night Of The Unholy Flames" [12" LP]2000 - Black Metal from Finland

DIABOLI - Anthems Of Sorrow
DIABOLI "Anthems Of Sorrow" [CD]2000 - Black Metal from Finland

DOOMSTONE - Satanavoid
DOOMSTONE "Satanavoid" [CD]2000 - Black/Doom/Heavy Metal from United States

DYING FETUS - Destroy The Opposition
DYING FETUS "Destroy The Opposition" [12" LP]2000 - Death/Grind/Hardcore from United States

ECLIPSE - The Symphonys Of Pathological Love / Calling Our Desires
ECLIPSE "The Symphonys Of Pathological Love / Calling Our Desires" [CD]2000 - Brutal Death/Grind from Russia

ENTOMBED - Uprising
ENTOMBED "Uprising" [2-CD, Hardbook]2000 - Death/Thrash, Death'n Roll from Sweden

ESPASMODICOS - Espasmodicos
ESPASMODICOS "Espasmodicos" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]2000 - Punk from Spain

EXCITER - Blood Of Tyrants
EXCITER "Blood Of Tyrants" [12" LP]2000 - Speed from Canada
Price $17.99 - $18.99

EYEHATEGOD - Confederacy Of Ruined Lives
EYEHATEGOD "Confederacy Of Ruined Lives" [PATCH, Textile]2000 - Sludge/Doom from United States

FLESHGRIND - The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment
FLESHGRIND "The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment" [CD]2000 - Brutal Death/Grind from United States

GEHENNA - Murder
GEHENNA "Murder" [CD]2000 - Black Metal from Norway

GOATVOMIT - White Logo
GOATVOMIT "White Logo" [PATCH, Woven]2000 - Black/Death Metal from Greece

HATE FOREST - To Twilight Thickets
HATE FOREST "To Twilight Thickets" [CD, Digipak]2000 - Raw Black w/ Ambient Elements from Ukraine

HELSTAR - T'Was The Night Of A Hellish X-Mas
HELSTAR "T'Was The Night Of A Hellish X-Mas" [CD]2000 - Power/Speed from United States

HYPNOSIA - Extreme Hatred
HYPNOSIA "Extreme Hatred" [CD]2000 - Thrash from Sweden

IMPALED NAZARENE "Nihil" [CD]2000 - Black Metal from Finland

IMPIETY - Skullfucking Armageddon
IMPIETY "Skullfucking Armageddon" [CASSETTE]2000 - Death/Black/Thrash from Singapore

KATAKLYSM - The Prophecy
KATAKLYSM "The Prophecy" [12" Picture LP, Gatefold]2000 - Death Metal from Canada

KREATOR - Voices Of Transgression: A 90S Retrospective
KREATOR "Voices Of Transgression: A 90s Retrospective" [CD]2000 - Thrash from Germany

LUCIFER WAS - In Anadi's Bower
LUCIFER WAS "In Anadi's Bower" [CD]2000 - Progressive/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal from Norway

MANA MANA - Murheen Laakso
MANA MANA "Murheen Laakso" [12" 2-LP, Black Vinyl, Gatefold]2000 - Rock/-Punk from Finland

MAYHEM - Grand Declaration Of War + European Legions
MAYHEM "Grand Declaration Of War + European Legions" [2-CD]2000 - Black/Post-Black Metal from Norway

MORBID ANGEL - Gateways To Annihilation
MORBID ANGEL "Gateways To Annihilation" [PATCH, Textile]2000 - Death Metal from United States

NIGHTMARE - Live Deliverance
NIGHTMARE "Live Deliverance" [2-CD]2000 - Heavy/Power from France

OBLITERATE - The Feelings
OBLITERATE "The Feelings" [CD]2000 - Death/Grindcore from Slovakia

SENTENCED "Crimson" [CD, Digipak]2000 - Death/Melodic Death/Gothic Rock from Finland

SETH - The Excellence
SETH "The Excellence" [12" LP]2000 - Black Metal from France

SUFFOCATE - Lust For Heaven
SUFFOCATE "Lust For Heaven" [CD]2000 - Death/Grindcore from Slovakia

SUSPERIA - Illusions Of Evil
SUSPERIA "Illusions Of Evil" [CASSETTE]2000 - Melodic Black/Thrash from Norway

THY INFERNAL - Warlords Of Hell
THY INFERNAL "Warlords Of Hell" [CASSETTE]2000 - Black Metal from United States

TSJUDER - Kill For Satan
TSJUDER "Kill For Satan" [CASSETTE]2000 - Black Metal from Norway

TWIN AGE - Moving The Deckchairs
TWIN AGE "Moving The Deckchairs" [CD]2000 - Progressive from Sweden

VIOLATION - Moonlights Child
VIOLATION "Moonlights Child" [CD]2000 - Melodic Death Metal from Germany

VITAL REMAINS - Dawn Of The Apocalypse
VITAL REMAINS "Dawn Of The Apocalypse" [12" LP]2000 - Death Metal from United States
Price $17.99 - $18.99