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EXCITER - 3 Classic Titles EXCUSE - Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos

AETERNUS - ...And So The Night Became
AETERNUS "...And So The Night Became" [CD, Digipak]1998 - Black (early), Death (now) from Norway

APOCALYPSE - Apocalypse/Rewind
APOCALYPSE "Apocalypse/Rewind" [CD]1998 - Heavy Metal from United Kingdom

BEHEMOTH - Pandemonic Incantations
BEHEMOTH "Pandemonic Incantations" [12" LP, Gatefold]1998 - Black (early)/Black/Death (now) from Poland

DAWN OF WINTER - In The Valley Of Tears
DAWN OF WINTER "In The Valley Of Tears" [2-CD, Digipak]1998 - Doom from Germany

DEATH SS - ...In Death Of Steve Sylvester
DEATH SS "...In Death Of Steve Sylvester" [CASSETTE]1998 - Black Doom/Heavy/Speed (early), Industrial (later) from Italy
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ENTOMBED - Same Difference
ENTOMBED "Same Difference" [2-CD]1998 - Death/Thrash, Death'n Roll from Sweden

FUNERAL MIST "Devilry" [12" LP, Gatefold]1998 - Black Metal from Sweden

GOREFEST - Chapter 13
GOREFEST "Chapter 13" [CASSETTE]1998 - Death/Death 'n' Roll from Netherlands

GORGOROTH - Destroyer: Or How To Philosophize With The Hammer
GORGOROTH "Destroyer: Or How To Philosophize With The Hammer" [CD, - Jewel Case]1998 - Black Metal from Norway

KIM FOWLEY - Michigan Babylon
KIM FOWLEY "Michigan Babylon" [CD]1998 - Rock from United States

LUST - Lust
LUST "Lust" [CD]1998 - Hard Rock from United States

MEDIEVAL DEMON - Demonolatria
MEDIEVAL DEMON "Demonolatria" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]1998 - Melodic Black Metal from Greece

MERCYFUL FATE "Dead Again" [12" Picture 2-LP]1998 - Traditional Heavy/Black Metal from Denmark

PIK - The Heritage Of Past Gods
PIK "The Heritage Of Past Gods" [CD]1998 - Gothic/Death/Doom from Germany

POLLUTED INHERITANCE / ORPHANAGE / WITHIN TEMPTATION "Dsfa Book Seven" [CD]1998 - Death Metal from Netherlands | Melodic Death/Gothic from Netherlands

PRIMAL FEAR - Primal Fear
PRIMAL FEAR "Primal Fear" [CD]1998 - Speed/Power from Germany

RUNAWAY - Runaway
RUNAWAY "Runaway" [CD]1998 - Hard Rock from Belgium

TRISTANIA - Widow's Weeds
TRISTANIA "Widow's Weeds" [CD]1998 - Symphonic/Gothic from Norway

TULUS - Mysterion
TULUS "Mysterion" [12" LP]1998 - Black Metal from Norway
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TULUS - Mysterion
TULUS "Mysterion" [CD]1998 - Black Metal from Norway

VORACE - Vorace
VORACE "Vorace" [CD]1998 - Death/Thrash from France

VORAK - Rhetoric Of The Supermen
VORAK "Rhetoric Of The Supermen" [CD]1998 - Industrial Black Metal from Australia

WARGASM - Why Play Around?
WARGASM "Why Play Around?" [CD]1998 - Thrash from United States

WARLOCK - Earth Shaker Rock
WARLOCK "Earth Shaker Rock" [CD]1998 - Heavy Metal from Germany

ZEBRA - The Best Of Zebra
ZEBRA "The Best Of Zebra" [CD]1998 - Heavy Metal from Mexico