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HAUNT - Mosaic Vision TROLL - Legend Master

AMA DOTS / OIL TASTERS / X-CLEAVERS "Great Lost Brew Album" [CD]1997 - Rock from United States | Rock from United States

AVSKUM - Re-Crucified By The System
AVSKUM "Re-Crucified By The System" [CD]1997 - Hardcore from Sweden

DECEASED - Fearless Undead Machines
DECEASED "Fearless Undead Machines" [Banner]1997 - Death (early), Thrash/Heavy Metal from United States

DIMENSION ZERO - Penetrations From The Lost World
DIMENSION ZERO "Penetrations From The Lost World" [CD]1997 - Melodic Death/Thrash from Sweden

FATAL OPERA - The Eleventh Hour
FATAL OPERA "The Eleventh Hour" [2-CD]1997 - Technical Thrash/Speed from United States

GORGOROTH - Under The Sign Of Hell
GORGOROTH "Under The Sign Of Hell" [CD]1997 - Black Metal from Norway

KREATOR - Outcast (Limited Edition)
KREATOR "Outcast (Limited Edition)" [12" Picture LP]1997 - Thrash from Germany

LIGHTNING - Lost Studio Album
LIGHTNING "Lost Studio Album" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]1997 - Death Metal from Spain

NIFELHEIM - Devil's Force
NIFELHEIM "Devil's Force" [CD]1997 - Black Metal from Sweden

OBTRUNCATION - The Callous Concept
OBTRUNCATION "The Callous Concept" [CD]1997 - Death Metal from Netherlands

QUAD - Quad (Aka No. 1)
QUAD "Quad (Aka No. 1)" [CD]1997 - Folk/Rock from Canada

ROUWEN - Rouwkots
ROUWEN "Rouwkots" [CD]1997 - Death Metal from Netherlands

THE NIGHT SHADOWS - Vol. 2 The Little Phil Era 1964-67
THE NIGHT SHADOWS "Vol. 2 The Little Phil Era 1964-67" [CD]1997 - Blues/Rock from United States

THORIUM - Thorium
THORIUM "Thorium" [12" LP]1997 - Heavy Metal from Belgium

THORIUM - Thorium
THORIUM "Thorium" [CD]1997 - Heavy Metal from Belgium

TOKYO BLADE - Night Of The Blade
TOKYO BLADE "Night Of The Blade" [CD]1997 - NWOBHM, Heavy Metal from United Kingdom

VOND - Green Eyed Demon
VOND "Green Eyed Demon" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]1997 - Dark/Ambient from Norway

VOND - The Dark River
VOND "The Dark River" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]1997 - Dark/Ambient from Norway