CRUEL FORCE - Dawn of the Axe SAVAGE MASTER - Mask of the Devil

AGATUS - Dawn Of Martyrdom
AGATUS "Dawn Of Martyrdom" [CASSETTE]1996 - Black Metal from Greece

DEHYDRATED "Ideas" [CD, Digipak]1996 - Death Metal from Slovakia

EXHUMED / HEMDALE - In The Name Of Gore
EXHUMED / HEMDALE "In The Name Of Gore" [12" LP]1996 - Death/Grind from United States | Death/Grind from United States
Price $21.99

FLAMES - In Agony Rise
FLAMES "In Agony Rise" [12" LP, Gatefold]1996 - Speed/Thrash/Death Metal from Greece
Price $16.99 - $24.99

FUNERAL FROST - Queen Of Frost
FUNERAL FROST "Queen Of Frost" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]1996 - Black Metal from Sweden

GOREFEST - Soul Survivor
GOREFEST "Soul Survivor" [12" LP, Splatter Vinyl, Gatefold]1996 - Death/Death 'n' Roll from Netherlands

IMPALED NAZARENE "Latex Cult" [CD]1996 - Black Metal from Finland

MELECHESH - As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar
MELECHESH "As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar" [CD]1996 - Black/Death/Middle Eastern Folk from Israel

MORTIIS - Blood And Thunder
MORTIIS "Blood And Thunder" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]1996 - Ambient/Darkwave (early), Industrial Rock (later) from Norway

NUCLEAR DEATH - The Planet Cachexial
NUCLEAR DEATH "The Planet Cachexial" [CD]1996 - Grind/Death Metal from United States

POCCOLUS - Poccolus
POCCOLUS "Poccolus" [CD]1996 - Pagan Black Metal from Lithuania

SABBAT - The Dwelling (Fallen Angels)
SABBAT "The Dwelling (Fallen Angels)" [CD]1996 - Black/Thrash from Japan

SACRILEGE - Lost In The Beauty You Slay
SACRILEGE "Lost In The Beauty You Slay" [CASSETTE]1996 - Melodic Death Metal from Sweden

SAMAEL - Passage
SAMAEL "Passage" [12" LP, Gatefold]1996 - Black (old), Electronic/Industrial (new) from Switzerland
Price $22.99 - $26.99

SEPULTURA "Roots" [CD]1996 - Death/Thrash from Brazil

SOULBURN - Demo 1996
SOULBURN "Demo 1996" [CD]1996 - Death Metal from Netherlands

SUMMERTIME DAISIES - The Clarity Of Impurity
SUMMERTIME DAISIES "The Clarity Of Impurity" [CD]1996 - Death Metal from Canada

TYRANT - King Of Kings
TYRANT "King Of Kings" [12" LP]1996 - Heavy Metal from United States
Price $18.99

TYRANT - King Of Kings
TYRANT "King Of Kings" [CD, Digipak]1996 - Heavy Metal from United States
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