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EXCUSE - Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos BEWITCHER - Under The Witching Cross

ABRUPTUM - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me
ABRUPTUM "Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me" [12" LP]1993 - Black, Dark Ambient/Noise from Sweden
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ABRUPTUM - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me
ABRUPTUM "Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me" [CD]1993 - Black, Dark Ambient/Noise from Sweden

ABSU - Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
ABSU "Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L." [Banner]1993 - Death (early), Black/Thrash from United States

AGGRESSOR - Procreate The Petrifactions
AGGRESSOR "Procreate The Petrifactions" [CD]1993 - Death/Thrash from Spain

CARCASS - Heartwork
CARCASS "Heartwork" [12" LP]1993 - Goregrind/Grind, Melodic Death Metal from United Kingdom

CAUSTIC - Malicious / Caustic
CAUSTIC "Malicious / Caustic" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1993 - Thrash from Switzerland
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CAUSTIC - Malicious / Caustic
CAUSTIC "Malicious / Caustic" [CD]1993 - Thrash from Switzerland

COMECON - Converging Conspiracies
COMECON "Converging Conspiracies" [CD]1993 - Death Metal from Sweden

CRUCIFORM "Atavism" [12" LP]1993 - Death Metal from Australia
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DISCHARGE - Shootin Up The World
DISCHARGE "Shootin Up The World" [CD, Digipak]1993 - Hardcore Punk, Heavy/Thrash from United Kingdom

DISCIPLES OF POWER - Invincible Enemy
DISCIPLES OF POWER "Invincible Enemy" [CD, Digipak]1993 - Thrash/Death Metal from Canada

EL DUCE - Slave To Thy Master
EL DUCE "Slave To Thy Master" [CD]1993 - Heavy/Punk from United States

GOREFEST - Mindloss
GOREFEST "Mindloss" [12" 2-LP, Splatter Vinyl, Gatefold]1993 - Death/Death 'n' Roll from Netherlands

GORGUTS - Erosion Of Sanity
GORGUTS "Erosion Of Sanity" [PATCH, Textile]1993 - Technical/Avant-Garde Death Metal from Canada

HARASSED - Blessed By Suffering
HARASSED "Blessed By Suffering" [2-CD]1993 - Death Metal from Sweden

KILLING ADDICTION "Omega Factor" [CD]1993 - Death Metal from United States

LORDS OF MEAT - A Mind A World Away
LORDS OF MEAT "A Mind A World Away" [CD]1993 - Progressive Power/Thrash from United States

MORTIIS - The Song Of A Lost Forgotten Ghost
MORTIIS "The Song Of A Lost Forgotten Ghost" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]1993 - Ambient/Darkwave (early), Industrial Rock (later) from Norway

MOTORHEAD - Bastards
MOTORHEAD "Bastards" [CD]1993 - Heavy/Speed from United Kingdom

MOURNING SIGN - Last Chamber / Alienor
MOURNING SIGN "Last Chamber / Alienor" [CD]1993 - Progressive Death Metal from Sweden

NECROMANTIA - Crossing The Fiery Path
NECROMANTIA "Crossing The Fiery Path" [Banner]1993 - Black Metal from Greece

SELEFICE - Where Is The Heaven
SELEFICE "Where Is The Heaven" [CD]1993 - Melodic/Atmospheric Death Metal from Greece

THOU ART LORD - The Cult Of The Horned One
THOU ART LORD "The Cult Of The Horned One" [CD]1993 - Black Metal from Greece

VOND - Aids To The People
VOND "Aids To The People" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]1993 - Dark/Ambient from Norway

XYSMA - First & Magical
XYSMA "First & Magical" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1993 - Death/Grindcore (early), Heavy/Rock (later) from Finland