CRUEL FORCE - The Rise of Satanic Might CRUEL FORCE - Under the Sign of the Moon

BLASPHEMY - Blood Upon The Altar
BLASPHEMY "Blood Upon The Altar" [12" LP, Gatefold]1989 - Black Metal from Canada

BOLT THROWER - Realm Of Chaos
BOLT THROWER "Realm Of Chaos" [12" LP]1989 - Death Metal from United Kingdom

DEATH SS - Black Mass
DEATH SS "Black Mass" [12" LP, Gatefold]1989 - Black Doom/Heavy/Speed from Italy
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DEATH SS - Black Mass
DEATH SS "Black Mass" [CASSETTE]1989 - Black Doom/Heavy/Speed (early), Industrial (later) from Italy
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DEATH SS - Black Mass
DEATH SS "Black Mass" [CD, Digipak, Gold Disc]1989 - Black Doom/Heavy/Speed (early), Industrial (later) from Italy
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DISABUSE - Sorrow And Perdition
DISABUSE "Sorrow And Perdition" [CD]1989 - Thrash/Hardcore from Netherlands

INFECTED - Dark Century
INFECTED "Dark Century" [12" LP]1989 - Industrial Death Metal from Australia
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LIZZY BORDEN - Master Of Disguise
LIZZY BORDEN "Master Of Disguise" [CD]1989 - Heavy/Power from United States

MANDATOR - Perfect Progeny / Strangled Demo
MANDATOR "Perfect Progeny / Strangled Demo" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1989 - Speed/Thrash from Netherlands
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MANDATOR - Perfect Progeny / Strangled
MANDATOR "Perfect Progeny / Strangled" [CD]1989 - Speed/Thrash from Netherlands

METAL CHURCH - Blessing In Disguise
METAL CHURCH "Blessing In Disguise" [12" LP]1989 - Heavy/Power/Thrash from United States

METALLICA "One" [PATCH, Textile]1989 - Thrash/Modern Rock from United States

MORTEM - Slow Death
MORTEM "Slow Death" [12" LP +7" EP]1989 - Death Metal from Peru

MX - Mental Slavery
MX "Mental Slavery" [CD]1989 - Thrash (old), Groove/Thrash (new) from Brazil

OLD BURIAL TEMPLE - Inner Temple Mutilation
OLD BURIAL TEMPLE "Inner Temple Mutilation" [CD, Digipak]1989 - Darkwave from Australia

SARCOFAGO "Rotting" [CD +DVD]1989 - Black/Thrash/Death Metal from Brazil

SCANNER - Terminal Earth
SCANNER "Terminal Earth" [CD, Slipcase]1989 - Heavy/Power from Germany

SLAUGHTER - Into The Darkness
SLAUGHTER "Into The Darkness" [CD]1989 - Death/Thrash from Canada

SLAYER - South Of Heaven
SLAYER "South Of Heaven" [Banner]1989 - Thrash from United States