SEAX - Fallout Rituals BEWITCHER - Too Fast For The Flames

DEAD KENNEDYS - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
DEAD KENNEDYS "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" [CD]1980 - Punk from United States

DIAMOND HEAD - Lightning To The Nations: The White Album
DIAMOND HEAD "Lightning To The Nations: The White Album" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1980 - NWOBHM (early), Hard Rock (later) from United Kingdom
Price $24.99 - $26.99

ETHEL THE FROG - Ethel The Frog
ETHEL THE FROG "Ethel The Frog" [12" LP]1980 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom
Price $23.99

FIST - Name, Rank And Serial Number
FIST "Name, Rank And Serial Number" [MCD]1980 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom

JEAN-PHILIPPE GOUDE "Drones" [CD]1980 - Jazz/Rock from France

JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel
JUDAS PRIEST "British Steel" [1.5" BUTTON]1980 - Heavy/Speed from United Kingdom

MANILLA ROAD "Invasion" [12" LP]1980 - Epic Heavy/Power from United States
Price $18.99

MOTORHEAD - Ace Of Spades
MOTORHEAD "Ace Of Spades" [CD]1980 - Heavy/Speed from United Kingdom

OZZY OSBOURNE - Randy Rhoads
OZZY OSBOURNE "Randy Rhoads" [Baseball Jersey]1980 - Heavy Metal from United Kingdom
Price $16.99

QUARTZ - Satan's Serenade
QUARTZ "Satan's Serenade" [MCD in Sleeve]1980 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom

WITCHFYNDE - Give 'Em Hell
WITCHFYNDE "Give 'Em Hell" [CD, Digipak]1980 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom

WITCHFYNDE - Stage Fright
WITCHFYNDE "Stage Fright" [CD]1980 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom