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POUNDER - Breaking the World TEMPLE OF VOID - The World That Was

DAVID PRITCHARD - Nocturnal Earthworm Stew
DAVID PRITCHARD "Nocturnal Earthworm Stew" [CD]1976 - Rock from Canada

FOUR LEVELS OF EXISTENCE - The Four Levels Of Existence
FOUR LEVELS OF EXISTENCE "The Four Levels Of Existence" [CD]1976 - Psychedelic Rock from Greece

GURNEMANZ - No Rays Of Noise
GURNEMANZ "No Rays Of Noise" [12" LP]1976 - Folk/Rock from Germany

LAURENCE VANAY - Evening Colours
LAURENCE VANAY "Evening Colours" [CD in Sleeve]1976 - Rock from Italy

LAURENCE VANAY - Les Soleils De La Vie
LAURENCE VANAY "Les Soleils De La Vie" [CD, Digipak]1976 - Rock from Italy

MAGMA - Udu Wudu
MAGMA "Udu Wudu" [CD]1976 - Rock from France

MATEO, EDUARDO & JORGE TRASANTE "Mateo Y Trasante" [CD]1976 - Rock from Argentina

SCOTT KEY - This Forest And The Sea
SCOTT KEY "This Forest And The Sea" [CD, Digi-Sleeve]1976 - Folk/Psychedelic Rock from United States

THIRD ESTATE + AGONISTES - Years Before The Wine + Agonistes
THIRD ESTATE + AGONISTES "Years Before The Wine + Agonistes" [2-CD]1976 - Rock from United States