SAVAGE MASTER - Those Who Hunt At Night BULLDOZER - The Day of Wrath

ANCIENT GREASE - Women And Children First
ANCIENT GREASE "Women And Children First" [CD]1970 - Progressive Rock from United States

BLACK SABBATH "Black Sabbath" [Banner]1970 - Heavy/Traditional, Doom from United Kingdom

DAVY GRAHAM & HOLLY - Godington Boundry
DAVY GRAHAM & HOLLY "Godington Boundry" [12" LP]1970 - Rock from United Kingdom

GUY SKORNIK - Pour Pauwels
GUY SKORNIK "Pour Pauwels" [CD, Digipak]1970 - Rock from France

INFINITY - Collected Works 1969-70
INFINITY "Collected Works 1969-70" [CD]1970 - Black Metal from Netherlands

JARVIS STREET REVUE - Singles (And More)
JARVIS STREET REVUE "Singles (And More)" [12" LP]1970 - Rock from Canada

M.A. NUMMINEN - Taisteluni
M.A. NUMMINEN "Taisteluni" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]1970 - Acoustic/Experimental from Finland

SIR LORD BALTIMORE "Kingdom Come" [CD]1970 - Rock from United States

SIR LORD BALTIMORE - Sir Lord Baltimore Ii
SIR LORD BALTIMORE "Sir Lord Baltimore II" [CD]1970 - Rock from United States

THE SUN ALSO RISES - The Sun Also Rises
THE SUN ALSO RISES "The Sun Also Rises" [CD]1970 - Psychedelic Rock from United Kingdom