CHASTAIN - The Voice of the Cult SACRIFICE - Torment in Fire / Forward to Termination / Soldiers Of Misfortune

BODO MOLITOR  - Hits Internacionales
BODO MOLITOR  "Hits Internacionales" [CD, Digi-Sleeve]1969 - Rock from Mexico

BULLDOG BREED - Made In England
BULLDOG BREED "Made In England" [CD]1969 - Psychedelic Rock from United Kingdom

JARDINE - Look In The Window...
JARDINE "Look In The Window..." [CD]1969 - Rock from Greece

POP MUSIC TEAM - Society Is A Shit
POP MUSIC TEAM "Society Is A Shit" [CD, Digi-Sleeve]1969 - Rock from Mexico

SANDHY & MANDHY - Para Castukis
SANDHY & MANDHY "Para Castukis" [CD]1969 - Rock from Argentina