DEATH SS - In Death Of Steve Sylvester DEATH SS - Black Mass

BLACK FUNERAL - Empire Of Blood
BLACK FUNERAL "Empire Of Blood" [12" LP, Gatefold]1997 - Black/Dark Ambient from United States

BURZUM - Daudi Balders
BURZUM "Daudi Balders" [PATCH, Textile]1997 - Black, Ambient from Norway

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Cannibalizing Cleveland 1997
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Cannibalizing Cleveland 1997" [CD]1997 - Death Metal from United States

CIANIDE - Death, Doom And Destruction
CIANIDE "Death, Doom And Destruction" [12" 2-LP, Slipcase]1997 - Death, Death/Doom from United States
Price $17.77

CIANIDE - Death, Doom And Destruction
CIANIDE "Death, Doom And Destruction" [CD]1997 - Death, Death/Doom from United States

CIRCLE - Fraten
CIRCLE "Fraten" [12" 2-LP]1997 - Rock from Finland

DEICIDE - Serpents Of The Light
DEICIDE "Serpents Of The Light" [PATCH, Textile]1997 - Death Metal from United States

ENTOMBED - Dclxvi-To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth!
ENTOMBED "DCLXVI - To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth!" [2-CD, Hardbook]1997 - Death/Thrash, Death'n Roll from Sweden

EXCITER - The Dark Command
EXCITER "The Dark Command" [12" LP]1997 - Speed from Canada
Price $17.99 - $18.99

FATES WARNING - A Pleasant Shade Of Gray
FATES WARNING "A Pleasant Shade Of Gray" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1997 - Heavy Metal from United States
Price $21.99 - $23.99

GEHENNAH - Decibel Rebel
GEHENNAH "Decibel Rebel" [CD]1997 - Black/Thrash from Norway

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY - Mocking The Philanthropist (Moribund Cult)
GRAND BELIAL'S KEY "Mocking The Philanthropist (Moribund Cult)" [CD]1997 - Black Metal from United States

MEPHISTOPHELES - Landscape Symphonies
MEPHISTOPHELES "Landscape Symphonies" [CD]1997 - Melodic Black/Death Metal from Germany

NECROMANTIA - Ancient Pride
NECROMANTIA "Ancient Pride" [12" LP]1997 - Black Metal from Greece

NOCTURNAL BREED - Aggressor [Hell Attacks]
NOCTURNAL BREED "Aggressor [Hell Attacks]" [CD]1997 - Thrash/Black Metal from Norway

NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Goat Horns" [CD, Digibook]1997 - Folk Symphonic Black Metal from Ukraine

PARADISE LOST "One Second" [CD]1997 - Doom/Death (old), Gothic Rock/Metal (new) from United Kingdom

PHLEBOTOMIZED "Skycontact" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1997 - Doom/Death Metal from Netherlands

ROTTEN SOUND - Under Pressure
ROTTEN SOUND "Under Pressure" [CD, Digipak]1997 - Grind/Death Metal from Finland

ROUWEN - Rouwkots
ROUWEN "Rouwkots" [CD]1997 - Death Metal from Netherlands

SACRED STEEL - Reborn In Steel
SACRED STEEL "Reborn In Steel" [CD]1997 - Power from Germany

SCANNER - Ball Of The Damned
SCANNER "Ball Of The Damned" [CD]1997 - Heavy/Power from Germany

VOND - Green Eyed Demon
VOND "Green Eyed Demon" [12" LP]1997 - Dark/Ambient from Norway

VOND - The Dark River
VOND "The Dark River" [12" LP]1997 - Dark/Ambient from Norway