CONDENADOS - The Tree Of Death LUCIFIERS HAMMER - Beyond The Omens

BLOOD - O Agios Pethane
BLOOD "O Agios Pethane" [CD, Digipak]1993 - Death/Grind from Germany

BRUJERIA - Matando Gueros
BRUJERIA "Matando Gueros" [PATCH, Textile]1993 - Death/Grindcore from Mexico

BURZUM - Det Son Engang Var
BURZUM "Det Son Engang Var" [PATCH, Textile]1993 - Black, Ambient from Norway

CAUSTIC - Malicious / Caustic
CAUSTIC "Malicious / Caustic" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1993 - Thrash from Switzerland
Price $24.99

CAUSTIC - Malicious / Caustic
CAUSTIC "Malicious / Caustic" [CD]1993 - Thrash from Switzerland

CRO-MAGS - Near Death Experience
CRO-MAGS "Near Death Experience" [CD]1993 - Hardcore/Crossover/Thrash from United States

DARK TRANQUILLITY "Skydancer" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]1993 - Melodic Death Metal from Sweden

DESULTORY - Into Eternity
DESULTORY "Into Eternity" [CASSETTE]1993 - Death Metal from Sweden

GOATPENIS - Blessed By War
GOATPENIS "Blessed By War" [PATCH, Woven]1993 - Black Grind from Brazil

GORGUTS - Erosion Of Sanity
GORGUTS "Erosion Of Sanity" [PATCH, Textile]1993 - Technical/Avant-Garde Death Metal from Canada

GORGUTS - The Erosion Of Sanity
GORGUTS "The Erosion Of Sanity" [12" LP] *MINOR DAMAGE*1993 - Technical/Avant-Garde Death Metal from Canada
Price $19.99 - $21.99

GRAVELAND - Epilogue
GRAVELAND "Epilogue" [CD]1993 - Black, Pagan/Viking from Poland

LOUDBLAST - Cross The Threshold
LOUDBLAST "Cross The Threshold" [CD, Digipak]1993 - Death/Thrash from France

LOUDBLAST - Sublime Dementia
LOUDBLAST "Sublime Dementia" [CD, Digipak]1993 - Death/Thrash from France

M.D.C. - Shades Of Brown
M.D.C. "Shades Of Brown" [12" LP, Colored Vinyl]1993 - Punk from United States

MARDUK - Those Of The Unlight
MARDUK "Those Of The Unlight" [CD]1993 - Black Metal from Sweden

MASTER - Collection Of Souls
MASTER "Collection Of Souls" [CD, Digipak]1993 - Death Metal from United States

MERCYFUL FATE - In The Shadows
MERCYFUL FATE "In The Shadows" [12" LP]1993 - Traditional Heavy/Black Metal from Denmark
Price $18.99 - $20.99

MISCARIAGE - Peace Justice Murder
MISCARIAGE "Peace Justice Murder" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]1993 - Death Metal from Germany

MORPHEUS - Son Of Hypnos
MORPHEUS "Son Of Hypnos" [12" LP]1993 - Death Metal from Sweden
Price $20.99

MOURNING SIGN - Last Chamber / Alienor
MOURNING SIGN "Last Chamber / Alienor" [CD]1993 - Progressive Death Metal from Sweden

MYSTIFIER "Goetia" [12" 2-LP]1993 - Black Metal from Brazil
Price $19.99 - $24.99

PARADISE LOST "Icon" [CD]1993 - Doom/Death (old), Gothic Rock/Metal (new) from United Kingdom

PHLEBOTOMIZED - Preach Eternal Gospels
PHLEBOTOMIZED "Preach Eternal Gospels" [12" LP]1993 - Doom/Death Metal from Netherlands

PROTECTOR - The Heritage
PROTECTOR "The Heritage" [CD]1993 - Thrash/Death Metal from Germany

ROTTING CHRIST - Thy Mighty Contract
ROTTING CHRIST "Thy Mighty Contract" [PATCH, Embroidered]1993 - Grind (First Demos), Black (early), Black/Gothic (now) from Greece

SEPULTURA "Chaos A.D." [PATCH, Textile]1993 - Death/Thrash from Brazil

TESTAMENT - Return To The Apocalyptic City
TESTAMENT "Return To The Apocalyptic City" [WHITE T-Shirt]1993 - Thrash from United States
Price $18.99

THE BLACK - Abbatia Scl. Clementis
THE BLACK "Abbatia Scl. Clementis" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]1993 - Heavy/Doom/Progressive from Italy

THE CHASM - Awaiting The Day Of Liberation Demo I
THE CHASM "Awaiting The Day Of Liberation Demo I" [10" MLP]1993 - Death Metal from United States

THE CHASM - Awaiting The Day Of Liberation
THE CHASM "Awaiting The Day Of Liberation" [CD]1993 - Death Metal from United States

THOU ART LORD - The Cult Of The Horned One
THOU ART LORD "The Cult Of The Horned One" [CD]1993 - Black Metal from Greece

TOXODETH - Morbidest Reality
TOXODETH "Morbidest Reality" [CD]1993 - Death Metal from Mexico

TYPE O NEGATIVE - Bloody Kisses
TYPE O NEGATIVE "Bloody Kisses" [PATCH, Textile]1993 - Gothic/Doom from United States

UNCERTAIN FUTURE "Shock The System" [CD]1993 - Progressive Power from United States

WITCHCROSS - Witchcross
WITCHCROSS "Witchcross" [CD]1993 - Heavy/Doom from United States