VENOMOUS MAXIMUS - No Warning BAD KARMA - Death Has No Calling Card

ANTI-CIMEX - Criminal Trap
ANTI-CIMEX "Criminal Trap" [12" MLP, Gatefold]1986 - Hardcore/Punk from Sweden
Price $12.99 - $14.99

AT WAR - Ordered To Kill
AT WAR "Ordered To Kill" [PATCH, Textile]1986 - Speed/Thrash from United States

BAD AXE - Contradiction To The Rule
BAD AXE "Contradiction To The Rule" [CD]1986 - Heavy/Hard Rock from United States

BLOOD FEAST "Logo" [1.5" BUTTON]1986 - Thrash from United States

CIRITH UNGOL - One Foot In Hell
CIRITH UNGOL "One Foot In Hell" [12" LP]1986 - Heavy/Doom from United States

CRUMBSUCKERS "Life Of Dreams" [12" LP]1986 - Thrash/Crossover from United States
Price $16.99 - $18.99

DISCHARGE - Grave New World
DISCHARGE "Grave New World" [CD, Digipak]1986 - Hardcore Punk, Heavy/Thrash from United Kingdom

EXCITER - Unveiling The Wicked
EXCITER "Unveiling The Wicked" [PATCH, Textile]1986 - Speed from Canada

FORGOTTEN CHILD - Forgotten Child
FORGOTTEN CHILD "Forgotten Child" [CD]1986 - Heavy Metal from United States

HOLY MOSES - Queen Of Siam
HOLY MOSES "Queen Of Siam" [12" LP]1986 - Speed/Thrash from Germany
Price $22.99 - $23.99

HOLY MOSES - Queen Of Siam
HOLY MOSES "Queen Of Siam" [CD]1986 - Speed/Thrash from Germany

IRON ANGEL - Winds Of War
IRON ANGEL "Winds Of War" [CD]1986 - Speed/Thrash from Germany

IVORY TIGER - Metal Mountain
IVORY TIGER "Metal Mountain" [CD]1986 - Heavy Metal from United States

JESTERS OF DESTINY "Fun At The Funeral" [12" LP]1986 - Psychedelic Heavy/Hard Rock from United States

KREATOR - Pleasure To Kill
KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1986 - Thrash from Germany

KREATOR - Pleasure To Kill
KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill" [CD, Digibook]1986 - Thrash from Germany

LIVING DEATH - Back To The Weapons
LIVING DEATH "Back To The Weapons" [12" MLP]1986 - Thrash/Speed from Germany
Price $16.99

MANIAC - Rainbows, Kittens, Flowers And Puppies
MANIAC "Rainbows, Kittens, Flowers And Puppies" [CD]1986 - Thrash/Speed from United States

MARTYR - Darkness At Time's Edge
MARTYR "Darkness At Time's Edge" [12" LP]1986 - Technical Death Metal from Canada
Price $16.99

MEGADETH - Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?
MEGADETH "Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?" [WHITE T-Shirt]1986 - Speed/Thrash, Heavy/Rock from United States
Price $16.99

METALLICA - Master Of Puppets
METALLICA "Master Of Puppets" [PATCH, Textile]1986 - Thrash/Modern Rock from United States

MYSTERY BLUE - Circle Of Shame
MYSTERY BLUE "Circle Of Shame" [CD]1986 - Heavy Metal from France

NASTY SAVAGE - Indulgence
NASTY SAVAGE "Indulgence" [12" LP]1986 - Power/Thrash from United States
Price $17.99 - $19.99

NOISEHUNTER "Time To Fight" [CD]1986 - Heavy Metal from Germany

ONSLAUGHT "The Force" [CD, Slipcase]1986 - Thrash from United Kingdom

ORIGINAL SIN - Sin Will Find You Out
ORIGINAL SIN "Sin Will Find You Out" [2-CD, Slipcase]1986 - Speed/Power from United States

POSSESSED - Beyond The Gates
POSSESSED "Beyond The Gates" [12" LP]1986 - Death/Thrash from United States
Price $18.99 - $21.99

RAGE - Reign Of Fear
RAGE "Reign Of Fear" [T-Shirt]1986 - Heavy/Speed/Power from Germany
Price $15.99

SATAN'S HOST - Metal From Hell
SATAN'S HOST "Metal From Hell" [T-Shirt]1986 - Power (early)/Black/Death (later) from United States
Price $18.99

SEPULTURA - Morbid Visions
SEPULTURA "Morbid Visions" [PATCH, Textile]1986 - Death/Thrash from Brazil

SHERWOOD - Riding The Rainbow
SHERWOOD "Riding The Rainbow" [12" LP, Gatefold]1986 - NWOBHM from United Kingdom
Price $18.99

SLAUGHTER - Nocturnal Hell, Surrender Or Die
SLAUGHTER "Nocturnal Hell, Surrender Or Die" [CD]1986 - Death/Thrash from Canada

SODOM - Obsessed By Cruelty
SODOM "Obsessed By Cruelty" [PATCH, Textile]1986 - Black/Speed/Thrash from Germany

THE RODS - Heavier Than Thou
THE RODS "Heavier Than Thou" [CD]1986 - Heavy Metal from United States

VULCANO - Bloody Vengeance
VULCANO "Bloody Vengeance (Greyhaze Records)" [12" LP]1986 - Black/Death/Thrash from Brazil
Price $20.99 - $22.99

WARHEAD - The Day After
WARHEAD "The Day After" [CD]1986 - Death Metal from United States